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On March 1, 2019

In conjunction with CrossFit Golden Gate, I’m bringing a joint by joint Prehab series designed to improve the overall mobility and stability of the human athlete. Each video contains recommended prescriptions for each drill. To watch the entire catalogue in one place, I recommend the YouTube playlist.

In this part of the series we are working the midline & trunk. Each part will include a mobility, stability, and/or a strength accessory drill.

Part 1 – Assess & Test

Stability: Test in the plank position as shown, if you do not pass then you will need to work on stability

Mobility: Toe touch to back extension, if you do not pass you need work on mobilizing and moving pain free.

Mobility Drill –Cat Cow

Stability Drill – Cross Crawl / Bird Dog

Part 2 

Your spine does more than just flex and extend, this video we are moving into rotation and lateral flexion.

Rotational Mobility – Deadbug Rotations

Anti-Rotation or Lateral Stability – Lateral Planks

Part 3 

Mobility – Thoracic Rotation

Stability – Single Arm Farmer’s Carry

Part 4

Stability – Single Leg Glute Bridge

Mobility – Seated Rotation

That’s it for the Midline! Follow the guidelines in each video and you will definitely see improvement in this joint as well as the quality of your movement up the entire kinetic chain.

Dr. Scott

Last modified: February 27, 2019