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Scott Mills, DC

Online Presence: Full Body Fix


Instagram: 12,500+ followers

Podcast: 76,000+ downloads

YouTube Channel: 7,800 subscribers, > 1.6 Million views

Facebook: 3500 likes

Email List: 1000+ subscribers

Demographic: 85% Women & 15 % Male, age bracket 80% 25-44.


Dr. Scott Mills is one of the leading voices in the holistic health, chiropractic and fitness spaces. With a thriving practice in the heart of San Francisco, he is helping athletes of all levels return to the activities they love. He’s taken his 19 years of hands on experience online and equipped thousands of people under the Full Body Fix brand.


Podcast: (iTunes Link)

YouTube Channel:

Social: fullbodyfix

Balanced Bites Podcast, Paleo Women Podcast, Ancestral RDs Podcast, Is This Podcast Paleo, Performance Place Sports Care Podcast, Clinic Gym Radio

Partner Brands:
Siete Family Foods (podcast)
Strike Movement (podcast)
Kasandrinos (affiliate & podcast)
Hylete (trainer account)
Bodyworks Ball (ambassador)
True Linkswear (ambassador)
Thundrbro (affiliate)
Ten Thousand (athlete / affiliate

Quotes from Partner Brands:
Working with Dr. Mills has been a dream come true. The conversions are high and the genuine support is even higher. I wish everyone made sponsorship this easy.
– Dr. Anthony Gustin, Equip Foods (podcast sponsor)

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