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On October 18, 2019

I’m spent.

I guarantee you know what I’m talking about.

You’re a passionate professional or busy parent (or a million other things) and you’ve given it all you can for a while. But it’s caught up to you and now you’ve got nothing extra to give.

And right now, neither do I.

I love my work and as my practice and IRL commitments have continued to grow, my dedication to creating videos and blogging and sharing on social media has taken a back seat. My feeds and channels have waned and the weekly email with fresh tips on staying healthy have diminished.

Full Body Fix as an online platform isn’t going anywhere. The podcast archives will continue to exist. The premium video program is available  and will be supported. The YouTube channel is growing (despite my inattentiveness.)

And, before we call this a content eulogy – I’ll be back! I’ve got big plans for my online presence. So let’s call it a sabbatical from the current content churn.

I’ll continue to make short videos and share on Instagram, albeit in a much less structured and more personal way. And in the coming year you’ll be seeing the fruits of some exciting partnerships with brands I love. These wouldn’t be possible without people like you, following along and participating in my online journey and growing my influence.

Thank you!

But for right now, I need a content break in order to put my full energy toward in-person responsibilities. How long will this online pseudo-sabbatical last? I don’t know. But I know that the quality of my work and life and relationships is suffering from the fatigue and pressure to keep producing. There are seasons for all things, including rest and reflection.

I’m stripping back as much as I can from my online schedule to focus on helping my patients and the other folks in my immediate influence.

And, I’m taking a vacation. Yay!

So this is my sign off and a permission slip (if you need one) to opt out in a world increasingly asking so much from us.

Sometimes self care means saying no, doing less and regenerating. I’ll be back in the online realm when I feel like I can give it my all.

Until then – thanks for being here all these years and for sticking around for the next phase.

-Dr. Scott

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Last modified: October 18, 2019