Full Body Fix Radio #38. Knee Pain & Injuries with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales

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On September 3, 2017

This week I’m breaking down knee pain and injuries with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales.  Dr. Seb is a Sports Chiropractor in Huntington Beach, Ca and is known as a knee expert and he is sharing lots of great information.

1. Intro

2. Full Body Fix Workshops (1:17) 

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3. Sponsor: Equip Foods (27:07)

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4. Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gonzales (3:22) 

Performance Place Sports Care Podcast #48

5. About Dr. Seb, his practice, and getting started as a DC (4:49)

6. Topic of the Day: Knee pain and Injuries (12:22) 

7. Anatomy / Biomechanics (Knee pain often as a symptom of biomechanical fault elsewhere?) (12:45) 

8. Common Causes of knee pain or common complaints you see in practice (19:00) 

Spinal Screening from Dr. Mills 

9. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (23:43)

10. Common Underlying Root Causes (24:42)

11. Best treatment options (27:37)

Knee Series 1 of 5 

Knee Series 2 of 5 

Knee Series 3 of 5

Knee Series 4 of 5 

Knee Series 5 of 5 

12.  Strength Training & Core Endurance for Runners (35:44) 


13. Connecting with Dr. Seb online (41:05) 


Running Tips Article 

Performance Place Sports Care Podcast 


You Tube 

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Full Body Fix Radio #38. Knee Pain & Injuries with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales

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