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Full Body Fix Radio #86. How to Start Making Videos on Youtube with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales

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On August 12, 2018

Today we are talking all about YouTube with Dr. Sebastian Gonzales.  Dr. Seb is back on the show talking about his 2018 commitment to daily YouTube videos.  He is sharing about his the content he is creating plus how to start being a content creator. 

1. Intro 

Episode 38 with Dr. Seb

2. Sponsor: Eating Evolved (3:03) 

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3. Interview: Dr. Sebastian Gonzales (4:11) 

4. YouTube Video a Day Project (7:20)

5. About the Videos & Series from 2018 (14:40) 

6. Content for Practitioners (17:55) 

7. Sponsor: Kasandrinos (26:20) 

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8. The Look of YouTube (27:11) 

9. How to Monetize (34:28)

Search To Find

One of my first videos 

10. Where to find the content (42:18)


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