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Full Body Fix Radio #100 Ask Me Anything

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On November 18, 2018

Hooray! It’s our 100th Episode! A special Ask Doc Anything hosted by my wife Diane Sanfilippo

1. Intro 

2. Sponsors (1:58)


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Eating Evolved 

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3. Let the Questions Begin 

(2:54) What are your top chiropractic pet peeves?

Original Chiropractic Myth Busters Blog 

(5:54) Is Harper or Mason your favorite? 

(7:53) What’s the proper fix for scapular winging? 

Scapular Retractors, Serratus Anterior Drills, Deadlifting / Bench Pressing

(11:03) How do you fix lateral shift in squat? / How do you suggest addressing muscular imbalance?

Check out this video from Dr. Horschig of Squat University

(14:03) How does the way you eat and workout impact your private practice / client interactions?

(18:17) If you had to pick one training device for a year…

(19:41) If you weren’t a chiropractor what would u do?

(22:29) Any plans to write a book?

(23:00) Next up on travel list?

(24:17) What is the best shoulder stability drill?

Full Body Fix Program 

I, T, Y,s https://youtu.be/ffL4ZCSYSSU

Bottoms up Kb press / overhead walk

(26:17) Top goals for 2019?

(28:08) If you could get one skill magically overnight?

4. Candy talk – Best / favorite nostalgic candy w Diane (32:00) 


Thanks for being here for 100 shows!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don’t forget to make my famous Gluten Free Hand Pies and tag me on Instagram.


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