FAQ: How Do I Start Creating Online Content?

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On August 15, 2018

Back on my original site, I used to do regular FAQ posts – like “How do I start Paleo?” or “How Do I Find a Good Chiropractor?” Well I’m bringing it back this week to answer something more and more health professionals are asking me about – How do I start creating online content?

1. Start By Answering FAQs

See what I did there? But seriously, take a few minutes and write down all the questions you’ve had to answer a million times in your profession. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to answer the question once and then point people to that resource? Eureka! This is how online content creation saves you time and energy in the long run. At the end of the day, content has to provide a valuable solution to a problem people have. So figure out what solutions you have (AKA answers) to the questions (problems) you always get. Start there and you’re on your way!

2. Choose a Medium and Be Consistent

The next thing to figure out is what type of medium you most enjoy. Do you like writing? Is video editing in your repertoire or can you learn enough to make it work? How about an audio medium like podcasting? Or an online presentation / class? Figuring out they type of platform you’re most interested in is key because for most people if they don’t enjoy it, they won’t stick with it. And the name of the game in building any sort of online community is show up consistently! You have to be consistent and this is especially hard at the beginning when it feels like no one is seeing your stuff. But if you enjoy it, you are giving valuable information and providing a solution to a problem that someone has – they will find it and they will tell others. That’s the not-so secret sauce.

3. Repurpose Content

You’ve probably heard the carpentry saying, ‘Measure twice, cut once.’ In the world on content, the saying is more like create once and use (at least) twice on multiple platforms. Repurposing is helpful on many different levels. Most notably, you’ll see that different people like different platforms. Some people love Instagram, other prefer podcasts (etc). This goes for both you the creator and the intended audience. You never know what you’ll enjoy doing until you try it. I had no idea how much I would enjoy video creating until I just started posting my most commonly prescribed exercise self0care on YouTube. And boom! It took off and I have continued to enjoy posting once a week there for almost 4 years. (Currently over 5,000 subscribers and almost 1 million views!). Now me and my assistant plan out our month by taking the video from YouTube and making instagram, podcast and blog posts all around that one piece of content. No need to re-invent the wheel every time! Just meet people where they are.

4. The Giving Model

One of the mistakes a lot of people make is trying to charge for their content right out of the gate. It’s true, your expertise have a dollar value. But the online audience building business is different. You’re establishing rapport and expertise by giving. Give, Give, Give.  Don’t start out by making a program or product for someone to buy. Start out by providing a solution to common problems. This is the “Jab, Jab, Jab, Left Hook” model popularized by Gary Vaynerchuck. You give, give, give and eventually, when you’ve established yourself, told your story and built a loyal following, you launch a product that they will happily buy. I spent 3 years giving people free exercise videos before launching the Full Body Fix Program.

5. Build Your Email List

It’s funny, with the rise in popularity of social media sites, a lot of people moved away from collecting emails from their audience. This has proven devastating as Facebook (and other sites) constantly change their algorithms and platforms that make it harder for small creators to be seen. All throughout your giving (free content) process, you should have a way to collect emails. Give a premium source of valuable content for the cost of an email. Your list is your list. It never gets messed with by a third party algorithm! (Use this link to start collecting emails for free – Powered by MailChimp).

6. More Resources

There are literally hundreds (probably thousands) of experts in this area. Here are a few of my favorite resources:

Diane Sanfilippo – Build a Badass Business Podcast
Yes, my wife. She’s a marketing expert and anything I’ve done that’s successful she’s already done and taught. I especially recommend Ep. 5: “What to do first? What’s Burning?” and Ep. 9: “Listen, Labor, Launch.”

Gary Vaynerchuk – Books, InstagramPodcast, etc
He’s a high octane, no BS online content machine. You may or may not love his style, but his advice is gold. Take a look at his recent Instagram Story HIGHLIGHTS for more on repurposing content for examples of his genius.

Other Resources on this Site:
Full Body Fix Radio
Ep. 48: Diane Sanfilippo on Building Your Online Biz (with IRL Events)
Ep. 47: Dr. Jen Esquer on Social Media & Marketing Advice For Movement Providers
Ep. 17: Noelle Tarr on Building an Online Biz

Hope that helps get you off to a good start!

Yours in Health and Strength,

Dr. Scott
Full Body Fix

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