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Full Body Fix Radio #47. Social Media & Marketing for Movement Providers with Dr. Jen Esquer

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On November 5, 2017

It’s time for the second episode in the business mini-series with Dr. Jen Esquer.  Dr. Jen is a Physical Therapist based in Los Angeles.  She is an inspiring mover on Instagram and uses her platform to help others. Listen in on some of Dr. Jen’s amazing tips on social media and marking to grow your online presence. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (2:29) 

3. Interview: Dr. Jen Esquer (2:59)

4. How her Instagram got started (5:24)

5. AcroYoga (8:10)

6. Topic of the Day: “Social Media & Marketing for Movement Providers” (11:23) 

7. The Aesthetics of Growing an Audience (14:35) 

8. Collaboration (19:39)

9. How to Attract your Audience (22:40)

10. Sponsor: Equip Foods (25:56)

11. Instagram Live or Stories Tips (26:40)

12. Where can people connect with you? (32:40)



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