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Full Body Fix Radio #48. Build Your Online Biz With IRL Events with Diane Sanfilippo

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On November 12, 2017

My amazing wife, Diane Sanfilippo joins me this week to round out the last episode in the business mini-series. Diane is a serial entrepreneur and the 2x NYT best selling author or Practical Paleo and the 21 Day Sugar Detox. Her newest book, The 21 Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide is releasing Jan 2nd. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponosor: Siete Family Foods (1:40) 

3. Interview: Diane Sanfilippo (2:34) 

4. Is an Entrepreneur Born or Made? (3:40) 

5. Topic of the Day: “Build Your Online Biz With IRL Events (7:10) 

6. The difference between a large number of followers vs having active followers. (16:20) 

7. Listener Question “How do you know your “worth” and avoiding giving away free content forever?” 

8. Getting Out in the Real World (30:26) 

9. Sponsor: Equip Foods (38:50) 

10. Listener Question: “my husband is a rebel/ENFP – he’s leaving the air force and has always wanted his own biz, but struggles with where to start – a lot of it due to his own resistance. How do you harness your own fighting spirit and start over?” (39:41) 

11. Want to learn more? (45:50) 

Build a Badass Business

12. Find All of Diane’s work 

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