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Full Body Fix Radio #61. Myodetox & Prehab with Dr. Jacob Harden

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On February 18, 2018

It’s the second part of talking technique with Dr. Jacob Harden.  We are digging into the goal of your movement and moving through the motion safely with motor control, mobility, and stability. Dr. Harden details his clinical approach at Myodetox Orlando and outlines his popular Prehab 101 courses that are offered all over the country. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (1:51) 

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3. Interview: Dr. Jacob Harden (2:53) 

4. Myodetox Orlando (9:30) 

5. Sponsor: STR/KE MVMNT (16:30) 

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6. Workshops (17:20) 

7. Movement Philosophy (25:50) 

8. Where can you find Dr. Harden? (30:27) 



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