Full Body Fix Radio #59. What I Do When I Get Injured

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On February 4, 2018

Since I’ve been an athlete most of my life, I have had my share of set backs.  In this episode I’m sharing how I handle my injuries to get back to 100% or even better than before. 

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: STR/KE MVMNT (2:30) 

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3. Topic of the Day: What I do when I get injured (3:42) 

Full Body Fix Radio 18

How I Beat Low Back Pain

What I do when I get injured

4. Prevention is the best medicine (7:15) 

5. You’ve done it all right, but you suffered an injury (9:30) 

6. Myth Busting: Heat vs Ice (10:56) 

7. Stability & Mobility (11:35) 

8. Getting back to pain free living 

9. Find a qualified provider (15:25) 

Movement Providers

Active Release

10. Return to full play (16:00) 

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