43. Squat University

Full Body Fix Radio #43. Squat University with Dr. Aaron Horschig

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On October 8, 2017

This week I have Dr. Aaron Horschig the founder of Squat Univeristy.  Dr. Horschig is a physical therapist, coach, speaker, author, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).  Today we are digging into the squat, foot position, moving parts, and making corrections. Stick around for a return of Movement Myth Buster: Deep Squats Are Bad for Your Knees! 

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (3:06) 

3. Interview: Dr. Aaron Horschig 

4. Boost Physical Therapy & Sports Performance (12:47) 

5. Topic of the Day: Squats (17:10) 

6. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (20.26)

7. Foot Position in the Squat (21:18)

8. What joint moves first? (24:25) 

9. What happens at your back? (25:42) 

10. What is your typical care model? (28:24)

11. Book Overview: The Squat Bible (32:54) 

12. Movementh Myth Busting: Deep Squats (38:38)

13: Where can you find Dr. Horschig? (40:56) 




Squat University 

Snap Chat – Aaron Horschig 

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