Full Body Fix Radio #39. Knee Rehab: Part 2 with Dr. Teddy Willsey

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On September 10, 2017

We are back for part 2 of knee pain and rehab.  This week I sit down to talk with Dr. Teddy Willsey a physical therapist and certified strength & conditioning specialist in Rockville, MD.  Dr. Willsey has a unique physical therapy practice, as he is part of a performance training center and his patients come without a doctor referral.

1. Intro

Workshop – September 19th, 9am-12pm Rochester, NY (Register Here

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (2:35)

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3. Interview: Dr. Teddy Willsey DPT (3:24) 

4. Dr. Teddy shares about his love for strength & conditioning and his route to a becoming PT (4:43) 

5. Healthy Baller Performance (6:55) 

6. Topic of the Day: Knee Rehab – Part 2 (8:49) 

7.  Common causes of knee pain or common complaints you see in practice (9:30) 

8. “Finding ways to load them pain free and work from there” (12:50) 

9. When the doctor told me it’s always going to hurt (16:05) 

10. Figuring out what’s really going on and assessments (16:50) 

11. Hamstring-Quad Strength ratio (20:14) 

12. Treatment Options, Can the knee go past the toes? “Graded Exposure” (23:15) 

13. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (27:35)

14. Going through the protocol (28:15) 

15. Pain Science (31:10) 

16. Connect with Dr. Willsey  (37:31) 

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Full Body Fix Radio #39. Knee Rehab: Part 2 with Dr. Teddy Willsey

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