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Full Body Fix Radio #3: Mobility vs. Stability with Dr. Chuck Kutch, Bio-kinetic Chiropractic

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On January 1, 2017

On the show this week is my friend Dr. Chuck Kutch. He’s a sports Chiropractor and owner of Bio-Kinetic Chiropractic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Live Date 1/1/2017


-Welcome [1:00]

-Sponsor – Siete Family Foods [1:16]

-Interview and Bio with Dr. Chuck Kutch [3:00]

-How you got into Chiropractic? [5:10]

-What is “BioKinetic Chiropractic” and “root cause analysis” when dealing with pain. [7:25]

-Why the gym setting? [9:45]

-Gym as the model for health care center [10:38]

-Using the Full Body Fix as a provider [11:55]

-“Mobility” vs. “Stability” [15:53]

-Can Chiropractic Adjustments improve stability via neurologic changes? [16:55]

-Movement Myth Buster Segment: Is squatting and deadlifting safe and beneficial? [18:25]

-Graston and Active Release Techniques [19:40]

-Dr. Chuck’s personal health routines? Training? Eating? [21:36]

-What is “Eat off the board”? [23:00]

-Favorite Foods – Sweet Potato seasoning (rosemary, cinnamon, garlic sea salt, garlic pepper and Kasandrinos Olive Oil or ghee). [24:24]

-Working on helping busy people and parents meal prep and workout [26:06]

-Best way for people to connect with you? [27:45] Web: Drchuckkutch.com
Instagram: @drchuckkutch
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drchuckprimalchiro/ 

-Sponsor – PureWod PRE [28:45] Coupon Code “Fullbodyfix” 10% off

-Dr. Scott wraps up the importance of foundational strength and form [29:25]

-Providers interested in access to the Full Body Fix for their patients/clients [30:40]
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