Full Body Fix Radio 26: Plantar Fasciitis and Fasciosis, Causes & Cures

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On June 11, 2017

A quick solo-pod to get you better information for combating the painful condition plantar fasciitis / fasciosis!

– Intro [1:00]

– Enter my 10k Giveaway! [2:25]

Siete Family Foods

– Plantar Fasciitis [3:30]

Youtube Channel and PF Protocol 

– Difference between itis and osis [5:30]

Soft Tissue Adhesions [6:50]

– Step 1: Find an ART Provider or Integrative Diagnosis Provider

– Step 2: Am Foot Massage, non-weight bearing with a BodyWorks Ball [9:20] Use code “BODYFIX” at checkout for 10% off.

– Step 3: Ankle ROM, Contract/relax stretching of the calf/soleus [11:13]

– Step 4: Ankle ROM, Talar glides

– Step 5: Foot Drills [13:32]  (Your shoes are starving your brain)

– Sponsor: Equip Foods [15:30]

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