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Full Body Fix Radio 10: Staying on Track With Fitness Goals, Coach Katy Jercich

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On February 12, 2017

On this week’s episode, Coach Katy Jercich, the head health coach at Studiomix in San Francisco joins me to help people stick to new fitness goals and routines to get the most out of their gym membership.

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-Katy’s background and getting into the fitness world as a professional.

-What drew you toward Studiomix?

-One of the main things I wanted you to talk about was the challenges of programming for a lot of different members. You handle all of the exercise programming for the strength classes which serve a wide variety of members…how do you do that?!

-Topic of the Day: Top tips for people starting new exercise regimens.

-Get involved and get a tribe/accountability crew

-Take advantage of, not just equipment and space but people/resources (ie. personal training, nutritionist, chiro/pt/massage etc)

-Find something you love

-The part nutrition plays in sticking with fitness routines

-Try not to do too much all at once (burnout)

-Kettlebell sport: AKA Sport website

-How can people best connect with you – whether they’re here in the Bay area or otherwise? Katy@studiomix.com

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