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Episode #1: Introducing Full Body Fix Radio!

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On December 31, 2016

For a while now, I’ve been itching to deliver new content in a new format. For over 150 episodes, I’ve been editing and helping produce the award winning Balanced Bites Podcast, with my wife Diane and our friend Liz Wolfe.

While they have been crushing your holistic health and nutrition questions and quandaries for over five years, I think it’s my turn to help clarify the massive amount of misunderstanding floating around gyms and workplaces on the topics of movement, fitness, rehab, and pain recovery.

I’m bringing in trusted experts from all relevant professions to bust myths and break through dogma that has piled up in this age of misinformation.

Join me for this new podcast: Full Body Fix Radio!

New episodes go up every week on Monday. And best of all, I’ve already got this short intro show plus 3 amazing interview episodes ready to go. Start the New Year off right and Find Your Fix, with Full Body Fix Radio!

Live Date: 1/1/2016

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Big thanks to PureWod and Siete Family Foods, who’ve come on as sponsors before even one show has aired! I couldn’t be happier that these hand picked favorites of mine have agreed to help sponsor the show.

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