Full Body Fix Radio is here!Full Body Fix Podcast

I’ve been editing the award winning Balanced Bites Podcast for the past 4 years and now I’ve decided to step in front of the mic!

Have you ever found yourself wondering if that piece of bro-science you heard floating around the gym or workplace is true? Ever wanted to have access to movement professionals like chiropractors, physical therapist and personal trainers to get the inside scoop on what really works for rehab, pain recovery, and fitness?

Then this is the show for you! I’m bringing on experts from all across the country to break down movement myths and rehabilitation dogma. We cut to the chase and get you the truth in this all new audio resource. Best of all, you can ask a question and have it answered on the air – just submit the question to [email protected].

Find your fix, with Full Body Fix Radio and click here to see more, visit the iTunes podcast store to subscribe or listen right here:

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