The Friday Fix: Ulnar Nerve Floss

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On June 1, 2018

The Problem:

The diagnosis “Golfer’s Elbow” or medial epicondylitis is a general description of pain on the inside of the elbow. Many patient are mis-diagnosed with this when in fact they have an ulnar nerve entrapment. This can cause both inner elbow pain and tingling or burning as well as pain and tingling in the fifth digit (pinky finger). This is called “handlebar palsy” because of the nerve compression that can happen in resting the wrist on bicycle handles. Correctly identifying the location and cause of the nerve compression in these cases is vital.

The Fix:

While these areas of soft tissue adhesion / entrapment often require hands on therapy like Active Release Technique from a skilled practitioner, some relief and maintenance care can be achieved with a series of arm and neck movements. The following is a “flossing” technique that draws the nerve back and forth to release the nerve from any restriction in its path.

Pair this drill as prescribed 20 times, twice a day with care from a ART provider in your area.

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