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On March 31, 2018

The Problem:

It’s well accepted that our modern work and life environments are having a deleterious effect on our health. Certainly sedentary lifestyles are contributing to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease, but so too are these technical extensions of life taking their toll on our muscles & joints.

The most common complaint in my office is pain around the upper back, trapezius muscles and base of the neck. The global term for today’s de-evolution is “upper cross” syndrome (or sometimes “Tech Neck”). Forward head carriage and constantly looking down at phones is drastically altering our posture and straining the muscles and joints in these areas.

The Fix:

Throw away your tech. Stand up. Move to the woods. Right, since no one is doing that… For those remaining apart of society, let’s try mobilizing these areas in a specific way to help offset the forward head posture that is so common today.


If you’re suffering from this type of pain, first – consult your physician! Need help finding one? Try my post on finding a good local provider. Next, repeat each position 10 times for 3 sets, slightly changing the position of the peanut mobility ball each set. If you have pain (more than a 3 or 4 out of 10 with 10 being severe), stop! You can get a lot of relief from regularly doing these exercises (3-5 x / week), but there’s no substitute for an accurate diagnosis and professional treatment.

Yours in Health & Strength,

Dr. Mills

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