The Friday Fix: Bodyworks Ball Rhomboid Release

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On April 6, 2018

The Problem:

Stubborn pain at the base of the neck and trapezius region after a long session of computer or desk work. This is a great companion to our “Tech Neck Fix” post and video.

The Fix:

I’m featuring my favorite self-care tool in this video, the Bodyworks Ball. What I love about this tool is that the mobility ball has a handle attached to sturdy elastic tubing for maximum control. I featured this tool in my most popular YouTube video to date on Plantar Fasciitis. Here I’m using it to hold and control the ball in just the right spot to work out that troublesome knot. Watch the video!

Prescription and Special Offer!

Go through the motion shown 10 times on each side for three rounds during and/or after your work day. Thanks to our friends at Bodyworks Ball, use the special coupon code “BODYFIX” at checkout for 10% off and snag one for yourself!

Full Body Fix

Stop chasing pain and wasting your time! Snag my complete Video Rehab Program The Full Body Fix and take $10 off with a subscriber only coupon and grab my Free Warm Up Manual while you’re at it! I even have a full “DESK WORKER SYNDROME” protocol! 

Last modified: April 6, 2018

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