Full Body Fix Radio #97. The Run Experience with Nate Helming

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On October 28, 2018

Are you interested in running?  This episode is for you!  Nate Helming of The Run Experience is talking about the program and what they can offer you to get you running.   

1. Intro 

Radio 29 

2. Sponsor (1:57) 


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Eating Evolved 

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3.  Interview: Nate Helming (2:48)

4. The Run Experience (12:15) 

5. What is The Run Experience (21:15) 

6. Movement Myth Busters: Should you strength train as a runner? (24:15) 

7. Myth 2: But, I will get bulky lifting and won’t be able to run (29:35) 

8. Running Injuries (34:10) 

9.  Who is The Run Experience for? (37:53) 

10. Where can you find Nate? (41:00)

The Run Experience



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