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Full Body Fix Radio #93. Case Study: Neck Pain with Finger Numbness

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On September 30, 2018

It’s been a while since we had a series on Full Body Fix Radio and today we are kicking off a new one: Case Studies.  I am kicking off the series sharing about a patient that had neck pain with finger numbness.  Let’s dig in and see how I get to a solution. 

1. Intro 


2. Sponsors (3:06) 

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3. Topic of the Day: Case Study, Neck Pain with Finger Numbness (4:33) 

Helpful Videos: Cervical Disc Pain Rehab and Radial Nerve Flossing

4. Exam & Rule Things Out (7:33) 

5. Course of Care & Treatment (12:20)

Full Body Fix Neck Rehab Video Program


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