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Full Body Fix Radio #92. Strong Ladies & Self-Love with Noelle Tarr

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On September 23, 2018

I’m excited to welcome back Noelle Tarr to the show.  Two weeks ago we talked men’s health, this week Noelle is here for the ladies.  In her instagram profile she has self-love > shame and we are going to dig in what sparked this along with a look at her new book, Coconuts and Kettlebells.

1. Intro 

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3. Interview: Noelle Tarr (2:53) 

Well-Fed Women Podcast

The Book

4. Topic of the Day: Strong Ladies & Self-Love (7:11)

Self-Love> Shame 

5. “Getting Your Body Back” Post-Baby (14:36) 

6. How you view your own health (23:42) 

7. Rethinking Your Health Journey (28:20) 

8. Times of your Life when your Producing (36:15)

9. Why Coconuts & Kettlebells? (44:27) 

10. Where can you find Noelle and her book? (46:26) 



Well-Fed Women Podcast

The Book

Stephanie: Paleo for Women

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