Full Body Fix Radio #84. Behind the Scenes of the CrossFit Games with Dr. Chad Teague

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On July 29, 2018

The CrossFit Games are coming this week, in honor of the games we welcome on sports chiro, Dr. Chad Teague. Dr. Teague is talking about recovery, rehab, and what needs to happen to keep the these athletes performing.

1. Intro 

2. Kasandrinos (2:28) 

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3. Interview: Dr. Chad Teague (3:08)

4. Code Chiro (7:58)

5. Squat Like A Boss (12:12)


6. Sponsor:Eating Evolved (16:30)
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7. Topic of the Day: Behind the Scenes of the CrossFit Games Athlete (17:13)

8. What it’s like for the athletes (23:40)

The Marc Pro

9. Leading up the the games (35:12)

10. Where can you find Dr. Teague? (37:50)


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Last modified: July 29, 2018