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Full Body Fix Radio #82. Functional Bodybuilding with Marcus Filly

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On July 15, 2018

Welcome to the show Marcus Filly.  The former 6-time CrossFit Games athlete is on the show sharing about his program & Passion, Functional Bodybuilding.

1. Intro 

Looking for Chiropractors who have started over – info@fullbodyfix.com

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3. Interview: Marcus Filly (3:57)

4. The Games Experience (9:36)

5. What led you to Functional Bodybuilding? (11:33) 

6. Sponsor: Kasandrinos (18:30)

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7. Break down Functional Bodybuilding (19:10)

8. The Mental Game (28:09)

9. What do you offer? (37:54)

Awaken Training Series

Functional Bodybuilding

10. Connect with Marcus (42:12)


Functional Bodybuilding

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