Full Body Fix Radio #81. The Keto Experiment, part 1

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On July 8, 2018

In case you haven’t heard, I’m doing keto. The popularity of this diet has exploded and I wanted to experience it for myself. I’m about halfway through my month trial and am sharing my midway results, as well as giving you my go-to keto snacks.

1. Intro

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3. Topic of the Day: Eating Your Way Into Ketosis (5:40)

Keto Answers Podcast 

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4. Why am I doing this? (9:04) 

5. Results (12:22)

6. Sometimes you just need a snack (20:20) 

7. Share your tips for keto snacking (26:17)



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Full Body Fix Radio #81. The Keto Experiment, part 1

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