FBF Radio Episode 62

Full Body Fix Radio #62. Chiropractic Functional Neurology with Dr. Michael Lovich

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On February 25, 2018

This week I am switching things up, it’s a third episode in the technique talk mini-series. Dr. Michael Lovich joins me on the show to chat about Functional Neurology. You can find Dr. Lovich practicing in Boston, MA under the slogan; Brain Health, Brain Nutrition, Brain Performance.   

1. Intro 

Portland Meet Up at @revnatscider Tasting Room (Address Link)

Saturday 3/3/18 at 1pm

2. Sponsor: STR/KE MVMNT (2:28) 

15% off code ‘fb_pc_15‘ 

3. Interview: Dr. Michael Lovich (4:43) 

4. Topic of the Day: “Functional Neurology” (14:56) 

Dr. Scott on Performance Place Sports Care Podcast

Dr. Lovich on Performance Palace Sports Care Podcast

5. Doesn’t every chiropractor learn this in school? (17:31) 

6. Importance of Observational Skills (24:46) 

7. “Typical” Treatment (28:30) 

8. Sponsor: Perfect Keto & Equip Foods (32:44) 

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9. Patient Case Studies (33:27) 

10. To learn more about Functional Neurology (44:39) 


Carrick Institute 

Functional Neurology Seminars


Neurology Made Simple 

To Find a Provider

11. Want to connect with Dr. Lovich? (48:50) 

Neurology Made Simple

Delta S Performance


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