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Full Body Fix Radio #58. CrossFit Games Open Prep with Dr. Tim Simansky

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On January 28, 2018

The CrossFit Open is coming and this week we are talking about preparing for it.  This week’s special guest is Dr. Tim Simansky, the WODdoc, is talking about how to prep for the open. The WODdoc is a man of many talents and is most notably known for his involvement in the functional fitness community where he has made a niche in the rehabilitation, injury prevention and performance enhancement of functional fitness athletes.

1. Intro 

2. Sponsor: STR/KE MVMNT (2:22) 

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3. Interview: Dr. Tim Simansky (3:35) 

4. Project 365  & The WODdoc (17:53)

5. Sponsor: Perfect Keto & Equip Foods (25:32) 

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6. Topic of the Day: CrossFit Games Open Prep (26:25) 

7. Plan of Attack for the Open (33:03) 

8. Open Resources (41:08) 


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