Full Body Fix Radio #45. Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness

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On October 22, 2017

It’s time for a solo pod.  This week, I am talking about Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness.  With over 20 years of actively training, I’m sharing the top four things I have learned to be able to move for a lifetime.

1. Intro

2. Updates (1:14) 

   Podcast Survey 

   FBF Workshops  Ashley@fullbodyfix.com

   What’s to come? 

3. Sponsor: Equip Foods (4:01)

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4. Topic of the Day: Lessons from a Lifetime of Fitness (4:55) 

5. Variety (5:28) 

6. Seasons (9:15) 

7. Pain (10:58) 

8. Longevity (15:20) 

9. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (18:20) 

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