#42. What Kind of Care Do You Need? with Dr. Tony Comella

Full Body Fix Radio #42. What Kind of Care Do You Need? with Dr. Tony Comella

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On October 1, 2017

This week I welcomed Dr. Tony Comella on the show. Dr. Comella is a physical therapist and strength coach here in San Francisco. We are breaking down Gray Cook’s quote about levels of care and what sort of intervention you might need.

1. Intro

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2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (3:34) 

3. Interview: Dr. Tony Comella (4:35) 

4. How are you integrating physical therapy alongside strength coaching? (7:56) 

5. Are you using passive modalities? (8:55) 

6. Topic of the Day: “Levels of Intervention” (10:08) 

7.  Breaking down the Quote from Gray Cook (11:43) 

“Do not cut what can be untied, do not untie what can be adjusted, do not adjust what can be directed, do not direct what can be self-directed.” 

Self-Care –> Directed Care (coach) –> Professional Conservative Care (PT/Chiro)–> Surgery

8. Backwards System (24:13) 

9. Sponsor: Eqiup Foods (27:24) 

10. How do you know when you need to change these levels of interventions? (28:16) 

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