Full Body Fix Radio #41. Ask Me Anything

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On September 24, 2017

Time for something fun and out of the norm on Full Body Fix Radio. This Ask Me Anything episode answers your Harper questions, tips for becoming a successful chiropractor, cider recommendations and more.  

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (1:46) 

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3. Ask Me Anything (2:20) 

4. All the Harper questions (2:40) 

  For more about Harper search #harpermills on Instagram

5. I’m starting to feel like I’m getting ‘old’. Tired, achy joints, nagging low grade pains. I know I need to tackle movement and nutrition, but if you had to choose one, which would you choose first? (4:02) 

6. What’s your favorite meal ever? (5:38)  


7. My husband wants to go back to school to become a DC. Any tips or suggestions for breaking into the industry? (8:18) 

8. Are you Celiac? Any plans on getting tested or getting a NIMA sensor for dining out? (11:25) 

9. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (14:18)

10. Sour Cider Recommendations (15:13)  

  Tilted Shed Graviva, “Farmhouse” style dry ciders with “horse blanket” funk

  Favorite Cider: Gowan’s 1876 HeirloomGround Breaker GF Beer – IPA no 5

11. Any tips for my husband who wants to gain muscle? (17:45) 


12. This is a super basic question, but I get lost in the volume of information from google search results. What are your recommendations for a starting point for building a stronger foundation in movements and flexibility (assuming the fitness base is general non-competitive weight-lifting 3-4x per week)? (20:14) 


13. How often do you recommend someone see a chiropractor for general health? I know it varies based on the person, but what’s a basic starting point for the average Joe? Big fan of you & Diane – keep up the awesome work! (23:30) 

14. Best Travel Memory (24:51) Hotel Caruso & Belvedere Restaurant – Ravello, ITALY

15. Send in your questions (26:30) 




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