Full Body Fix Radio #40. Gluten Free Libations with Dr. Anthony Chin Loy

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On September 17, 2017

This week I have on Dr. Anthony Chin Loy. Dr. Chin Loy is the first medical doctor to be on Full Body Fix Radio. He’s a friend with a passion for gluten free libations and we are sharing our favorites. He also gives me a nice overview of one of his other passions – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

1. Intro

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2. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (2:15) 

3. Interview: Dr. Anthony Chin Loy (2:53)

4. Dr. Chin Loy shares his shift to the primal, paleo, gluten-free lifestyle (8:10)

5. Are you seeing any shift in conventional medicine and education regarding conventional nutrition? (12:16)

6. Dr. Chin Loy shares about his movement practice: Brazilian Ju Jitsu (14:00)

7.  A typical BJJ workout (18:57)

8. Topic of the Day: Gluten Free Libations (24:01)

9. Favorite Craft Gluten Free Beers (28:03)

DuckFoot Brewery


New Belgium

Graft Ciders

Ground Breaker Brewing

Dr. Scott’s Top 10 Gluten Free Beer Alternatives Blog Post

10. Don’t judge every gluten-free beer based on the first one (32:20)

Double Cider – Hand selected Craft Cider Delivery service

11. Is there such a thing as “Healthy” Consumption of Alcohol? (34:45)

12. Sponsor: Equip Foods (39:52)

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13. Is there responsible drinking? (40:40)

14. Where can we follow your tribe? (43:27) 


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