Full Body Fix Radio 34 Carl Paoli

Full Body Fix Radio #34. Measuring Performance by Feel with Carl Paoli

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On August 6, 2017

Carl Paoli is here for the first episode in the Fitness Mini Series of shows. We talk about movement philosphy and measuring performance by feel versus only tracking numbers and PRs.

1. Intro

2. Sponsor: Equip Foods (2:05)

3. Announcement: Full Body Fix is going on the road (2:53)

9/6/17 San Francisco, CA (More Info Coming Soon)
9/16/17 Rochester, NY (Register Here)

4. Interview: Carl Paoli (3:56)

5. Carl tells his story as a teacher dedicated to physical education (5:49)

6. Worldwide travel experiences (7:20)

7. Freestyle seminars, progressions, and the book (9:52)

8. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods (15:55)

9. Topic of the Day: “Measuring Performance by Feel”

10. Strike Movement and “United by Motion” (25:45)

11.  How to Measure Performance by Feel (31:35)

12.  How can people connect with you? (37:20)





13. Closing and a movement challenge (38:26)

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