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Full Body Fix Radio 23. Pre / Post-Natal Fitness & Doula Services with Coach Ashley Raccanello

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On May 14, 2017

The Month of Moms rolls on! In the third of the series, Coach Ashley Raccanello joins us to talk about the specific ways she works with clients who are either expecting or returning to activity following delivery. She also talks about her recent doula training.

– Intro

– Updates [1:00]

– Sponsor – Siete Family Foods [2:20]

– Interview: Coach Ashley Raccanello

– Bio, Background, Getting into the field [3:20]

– Challenges and successes, Overview of Working with this population [6:20]

– Pre-natal: What to expect and what are the goals? [10:05]

– Post-natal: Focus on Activities of Daily Living, shifting mindset on “getting your body back” [13:30]

– Favorite exercise / focus: [17:50] Breath training and connection to Pelvic Floor, Glute Recruitment, Compound Movements

– Sponsor PureWod [21:38]

– Doula Training [22:15] DONA, Childbirth Educator Certification

– Reconnecting to your strength! [25:40]

– Connect With Coach Ashley [27:30]



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