The Friday Fix: Strict Pull Up Progressions

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On April 21, 2018

The Problem:

So many people struggle to get their first strict pull up and don’t have a framework to develop the strength needed to achieve this life-worthy goal.

The Fix:

Developing base strength in pulling movements, especially focusing on eccentric (negative) control versus using banded assists can really make the difference.


Start at the beginning of the video and follow the progression and prescriptions noted. When you get to a move you can’t complete, stop. Try this 2x/week for a month and keep working up until you get a strict pull-up!
1. Grip Strength
2. Scapular Pull Ups
3. Low Bar & Ring Rows
4. Static Holds –> eccentric lowering (negatives)
5. Assisted Pull Ups: A. Bent Knee B. L-sit C. Single Leg

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