The Friday Fix: Anterior Pelvic Tilt

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On June 8, 2018

The Problem:

One of the more common postural faults that can cause lower back pain (among other things) is called Anterior Pelvic Tilt. When looking at posture from the side, an anterior pelvic tilt is where the front most pelvic bones (anterior iliac spine) is significantly lower than the back most pelvic bones (posterior superior iliac spine.) This posture also demonstrates most notably as a excess low back curvature (lumbar hyperlordosis). The most common issue arising form this posture is lower back pain, as the hyperlordosis compresses the lumbar vertebra and discs. It is most commonly seen in females, especially those that trained in youth as dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and figure skaters, but can be seen outside of these conditions and in both genders.

The Fix:

Part 1 involves activating the lower abdominals and gluteal muscles. I believe that doing these cue drills helps re-train the underlying neurological issues maintaining this postural fault.

Part 2 involves lengthening the chronically shortened low back and hip flexor muscles.

Combining both parts 3-5 times per week can help start correcting the symptoms, and even potentially improve the posture. There is no set time frame for this corrective plan. Everyone is different. And as always, consult your physician for local guidance.

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